Discover Who You Really Are

angel_sheryl_DONEThere is no one among you who truly understands the depth and breadth of love that you spirit guides and angels have for you.

They see your energy, not the thoughts and beliefs that you have about yourselves which in no way matches the magnificence of who these beings know you to be.

To change the way you see and believe yourself to be, you may adopt this ritual as a daily habit.

Ask yourself near the end of each day, “What is one thing that I noticed about myself that demonstrates how magnificent I really am?”

It can be anything that you admire or respect about yourself and what you have done.

  • You held the door open for a mom with a stroller = I am kind and caring
  • You gave money to a homeless person = I am compassionate
  • You go out of your way to help a co-worker = I am sensitive to the needs of others

So we suggest that you identify at least one thing that you did in the day and identify what that says about the real you.

Remember that the kindness that you extend to others can also be extended towards yourself.  These things are to be celebrated also.

  • I soaked in a hot tub and relaxed = I am good to my body
  • I ate healthy meals today = I am feeding my body good nutrients
  • I am taking a 20 minute break from working = I am looking after myself in this stressful time

So, acknowledge the truth of who you are daily – what you do and how that is demonstrating the truth of who you really are.

This will assist you to shift from the habitual ways that you think about yourself – who you are NOT – and into acknowledging the truth of who you are – how your guides and angels see you.

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