Simply Raise Your Vibration

IMG_1251There is an opportunity for all of you on this Solstice, June 21-22nd, 2016,  to open up to an higher dimensional frequency if this is what you choose for yourself.

All you need to is set the intention by saying something like, “I am open to receive the energy upgrade that is available to me now” The exact words do not matter, but it is the intention that you are open to receive that is important.

This will raise your energy vibration in your pineal gland to make it easier to access information from the higher realms as this being is able to do. This upgrade is about communication with the spirit realms and making that easier for you.

That is not to say that other upgrades are not possible, as for some of you reading this, you are indeed ready for another level of upgrade. All you need to say is to open your awareness to the highest and greatest that is available for you at this time and the process will happen automatically.

To your greater expansion, The Collective

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